The infrastructure bill makes some changes, but the core treatment is the same

I talked in the last few days about this new Infrastructure bill and what the tax effect will be (video and text version). The answer is that it’s all about the reporting, not the new taxes (see the links down below).

Since most of that was about cryptocurrency, I realized…

A quick look at the infrastructure bill’s effect on taxes and cryptocurrency

It’s official. President Biden signed into law the new Infrastructure bill (technically known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act). It does stuff a bunch of stuff that I’m sure someone cares about.

For me, though, all I care about are the taxes.

The most interesting one here is relate…

If you’re new to the freelance world or just looking for some tax help in the insurance marketplace, read on!

We’re nearing year-end, which can mean only one thing: year-end health insurance enrollment!

As an employee, I always looked forward to the health insurance packet with a mixture of dread and excitement. Dread, since the prices were rising at ridiculous rates year after year (which have since, thankfully, leveled off)…

All businesses — including writers — can benefit from this legal structure. Though the cost may exceed the benefit.

Are you starting up your own business? Have you taken on a side hustle? Are you now part of the Medium Partner Program and getting a few bucks a month?

All these potential money makers, whether they be big or small, are a step into the entrepreneurial world, and add…

We’re wired to want to punish those who have done us wrong. Sometimes, though, we’re only hurting ourselves.

A while ago, I was wronged by someone.

I won’t go into the details here. Let’s just say that it hurt me financially, but I would be able to weather the situation.

After much internal grief and complaining to anyone who would listen, I finally took the next truly American…

Tim Denning’s “future of freelance” may grow, but it won’t kill the salary

I left a very good paying, very consistent salaried job to start out on my own.

Years of salary positions had driven me crazy, with a structure hell-bent on jamming hourly work into non-hourly pay. Efficiency was punished. Get a job done quickly, and you either:

(a) took on someone…

The US’s employer centric benefit system leaves the self employed behind

This week, I get to teach my accounting students about tax credits. All of them. Just listing them out one by one.

I’ll be lucky if I have one conscious student at the end of the lesson.

While preparing the lesson, the credit that particularly stuck out was also the…

We often hear about how back in "the day," employees were loyal to companies, and the companies were loyal to their employees.

Now, I'm not sure how true that really was, but it's certainly something that we're missing today. Companies want the most out of their employees before tossing them aside, so of course it's fair for employees to expect the same of their employers.

Companies that are more willing to invest in their employees are, on average, going to get more buy in from those employees.

It's really not that complex in theory. Based on how rarely it happens, though, it's clearly much more difficult to execute in the real world.

Tim Gordon

Accountant, Professor, Entrepreneur. Loving my household of struggles (seizures, anxiety, dysautonomia, autism, dysgraphia) while training a poodle service dog

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